We updated our Roadmap and Royalties system! Launch will be postponed on 14th of December - we don’t want to rush things but we want to make them right. We had to postpone it because we changed some mechanics to Cryptonians World, which are explained in this post.

Old Royalties system was to centralized. We all want that is 100% decentraized. After we sell out DAO will be created on our discord. Each verified member will be a part of it. Members of the DAO will decide which event (and when) we’ll hold each week. 

Community wallet will be created. 50% of all Royalties from secondary sales will go in. Prizes for weekly War events will be founded from the community wallet. Specific Cryptonian (Leaders, Heirs and Babies) won’t get a share of royalties just by holding it - to centralized! Everyone that will want to get a share of Royalties will have to participate in the events.

We’re introducing to Cryptonians World:

- buy backs

- burning mechanism

- deflationary tokenomics

DAO will also decide when we will sweep the floor and make BUY-BACKS of the Cryptonians - BURNING MECHANISM!

That means our tokenomics will be DEFLATIONARY!

We also decided that EVERY holder of a male and female Cryptonian will get Baby airdropped. This event will be in 1st half of 2022.

Lets spread the word Cryptonians!