A neutron star collision erupts and, out of the dust of the ancients, the majestic creatures arise.

 The Cryptonians arrived on Earth at the time of the supercontinent Macrozenith, or what we humans would have called Pangaea. They arrived as one collective mind and decided to explore this foreign land. They combed the earth and seas and soon found that there was an abundance of wildlife, terrain and sustenance. For these Cryptonians did not only seek out food as we do. These creatures thrived on cosmic energy and navigated through the nebula for their brain-food. Their need to advance and develop their interstellar power was their driving force to voyage through deep space. It was their stimulant. Finding their way to Earth, they instinctively felt a powerful energy unlike any other planet. An intellectual and profound vitality bursting from its volcanic core and radiating from each lightning strike.

 The Cryptonians flourished in their civilizations for millions of years amid the diverse wildlife on earth. There were four factions established from their extended stay as they began to develop advanced technology which protected them from the prehistoric dangers which humans would never dream to face. The four factions: Andromeda, Centaurus, Virgo, and Medusa all lived and worked in synergy. Their astral traits were not only developed but appeared more and more through their features, a combination of humanoid and extraordinary celestial form.

 They worked off the expanse and they wandered the stratosphere. Yet they also lived in community, sought friendships and found relationships. They also liked to party, as galactic beings do. These Cryptonians were, in many ways, much like us, and in many ways they were much more.

 Many moons passed and their haven, the Macrozenith, had slowly begun to drift apart. The divide in the land was then followed by the divide in the collective mind. The factions continued to live independently, each creating microcosms of culture. As time veered on, they quickened their developments and created their architecture for their chunk of earth. Each faction built their cities and as time pushed on, they felt the need to expand beyond the planetscape once more. These structures they built would then serve as their intergalactic markers, a sort of lamp-post for the wanderers if ever they were to return. The outposts are said to resemble structures we have today: the Pyramids were made by the Andromeda, the Stone Henge for the Centaurus, the Monte Alban Site by the Medusa and the Ayutthaya Ruins by the Virgo faction. But no one can truly know if these were made by our galactic travelers.

 Having left Earth, the factions continued to evolve and with each passing of the decade, each generation grew colder toward the other. It has been said that if one were to look up at the sky and observe a black hole, that is most likely one of the factions expanding their quantum property, claiming more of space as their own.

 Hyperspeed to today, the year 2021 and the Cryptonians have sniffed out the evergrowing innovation on Earth. The smell of this intellectual energy was one they could not resist. A council of leaders was called for the taking of the land. But with each faction harnessing a new power of their own, these Cryptonians could no longer find compromise to live as one. The only thing they agreed upon was that a war must commence to settle the score. This is the beginning of The Great Vanquishing.

CHAPTER 2 - Medusa Faction

 Before the war, the Cryptonians lived among themselves despite their differences. All the different factions were all sorts of fun and, coming together, would prove to be helpful for their time on Earth. They would cooperate on the functional tasks, building their structures, organizing their cities. They also found ways to efficiently use the different finds in the land and seas. Creating storage, managing their food sources, and even making more produce. Their minds were unlike any other and they studied the seasons, harnessed the power of the storms, and almost never rested.

 Perhaps the only thing that the Cryptonians were to take a break for, would be their celebrations. Knowing our intergalactic friends as they are, their drive to be the best and move amongst only the most elevated was not only seen in their work, but also in their events.

 Would you like to get know the Cryptonians better? Then why don’t we take a leap back in time to one of their last great parties…

 It is the middle age of the Macrozenith and it has been a long work season for the Cryptonian race. A lavish palace is being built for the purpose of the season turnover, when the moon reaches its place against a cluster of clouds and stars and the tide swallows itself back into the oceans. The palace will be the venue for the grand party that our friends are so often fond of. At the center of the palace, there would be a giant glass stage in the shape of a wide tower and a cascading banister of stairs that spiraled around. This is where the different factions would come to mingle and dance and, as with all things Cryptonian, would still prove to be a competition of some kind. There was just no escaping their need to be the best. Every step up would mean their advancement to the top of the glass tower where the prize would be to harness the power of the stars.

 Have you ever heard of the Aurora Borealis? It has been said that those colorful lights are only a fraction of the prize experienced by the Cryptonians. The power of the stars from their events were so mesmerizing and so out of this world, that there was definitely no place to hide in the night. The colorful lights would enhance the Cryptonian features and would be visible up to a hundred acres. The power of the stars would dance around you and flashes of color would radiate from eyes, mouth, and your whole being. You could say that you would be the life of the party once you achieved that power! And who wouldn’t want that sort of fun?

 Well, one faction was particularly excellent at achieving this status. These were the Medusa. They were the most beautiful set of Cryptonians, and while all of the Cryptonians were quite attractive, the Medusa were intent on being the most stunning. Their clothes were made from the finest materials and were bedazzled with remnants of the white-hot stars. Their skin was glowing in the sunlight and glittered in the night. And their most prized possession was always their hair. They always grew out their long strands and sported them in different colors just like the corals of the sea. On special nights they would add a touch of sparkle, just enough to catch the eye of another Cryptonian. Medusa were social beings and great communicators. They brought in crowds and were able to adapt to the tasks needed by the collective mind. They were the shape-shifters and they were the those who sought out the beautiful parts of the land to harness for themselves. But don’t be fooled! Once you are captivated by the Medusa chatter and you catch a real look into the Medusa eyes, you would be turned to stone. And this was what they used as their trick to get to the top of the glass tower.

 Would you want to join the ranks of the glamorous Medusa?

CHAPTER 3 - Andromeda Faction

    They said that one of the best ways to get to know a culture would be to get to know the people. When travelling to a different place, you would want to get to know what makes them unique by placing yourself in the midst of their cities. But for Andromeda, they would be the ones inviting you into their houses anyway…

 We make our way through what looks like busy merchant strip, two dozen stores lined up in a zig-zag fashion. On display are different trinkets for trading, parcels of the land like precious gems mixed with bits of moonrock from the satellite bodies of distant planets. Walking through this sea of merchants, at the end we see the great doorway to what looks like a great throne room. And at the center, sits not a being but there is an extremely large screen as tall as three stories high. The screen previews a vast number of lines and angles, with odd shapes strung together. These constellations on the screen change every minute or so and a list of other shapes appears at the bottom. Could this be a form of communication from other galaxies? Are these odd lines and angles actually numbers made from the merchant stores that rise and fall with each trade? Could these be what humans have seen today as hieroglyphics?

 While we can never know truly what these images are, we know one faction was said to be the best leaders in reading these constellations: the Andromeda. If you were mesmerized by the odd shapes on screen, you would equally be mesmerized by the Andromeda faction for their clean angles and lines. They had slick hair and steely eyes. They had a sense of royalty about them as they walked with their heads high and shoulders back. Their eyes bright like the morning sun, invited you to come in and take a seat and look around what they had to offer. And while other factions might have worn shades as well, seeing them on Andromeda made this faction look all the cooler. They were the more business-like faction, and their hospitality was like that of an old executive, ready to give you an offer you couldn’t refuse. They handled their affairs as an elite faction would do, using the power to combine their knowledge of physics, eclipsing binary star systems, and other complex methods to make sure everything clicked.

 Andromeda always looked the most put together in whatever event they held. Their sense of nobility was something they took pride in. They were treated like royalty, carrying the sense of having read a thousand books and creating power through this knowledge. And it was indeed these traits that were their contributions to the coming together of the factions. Smart as they are, they would always find ways to advance their knowledge through their constellation watching, and were always a step ahead.

 Over time, they got better and better as constellation watchers through their great screen. They soon accumulated much of the remnants from comets and beautiful moons like Ganymede and Callisto and found ways to capture even the gas particles of star clouds from farther areas of space. They stored the most valuable items of different materials, from pieces of thick atmosphere filled with magnetic force to chunks of ice that contained star-creating energy! They were then inspired to store up their treasures in their base on earth, building multiple angled structures for safe-keeping their finds. These were said to be shaped in triangular fashion, much like the Pyramids we see today. But instead, were pitch black and smooth with the images of the constellations constantly flashing on the surface. The higher ranked constellation watchers gathered in the larger structures while the other Andromeda also stored their wares in smaller Pyramids. Later on when they left earth, they camouflaged this appearance and instead turned their structures to stone, as these harnessed too many secrets from the outer-worlds.

 The Andromeda faction were just those types of creatures you were naturally drawn to. You’d probably want to be on their good side.

CHAPTER 4 - Virgo Faction

 Our story continues in the ancient times of the Macrozenith. But before you think that ancient means old and outdated, when talking about the Cryptonians, you’d want to think again. Especially for the faction we call Virgo. These beings were the technology-testers, those willing to go beyond what their eyes could see. And although our Cryptonian friends were all quite advanced, this faction was in charge of spear-heading the missions and the experiments for the time when all lived together in harmony. Virgo could be likened to the scientists in smarts, but they were also likened to models in their looks. In fact, these guys had that main-character energy emanating from them a billion light-years away.  

 Virgo were quite the adapters, they were the most observant of all the factions and so they took on the best form that suited their surroundings. They demonstrated the best set of brains as they went around creating their structures and even the spacecraft used by all of the Cryptonians in the day. They tinkered with objects and were fast a learning the mechanisms of complex machines.  

 Being smart and adaptive also meant that they knew how important community relations were to keeping the species together. Taking on the best form to get the looks from their neighboring factions. Virgo had that killer smile, the sharp gaze that saw through your soul, and that wit and chatter that everyone wants. They would probably go on talking about their discoveries of electric propulsion or their missions to collect cryogenic material from far away planet moons. And the next thing you know, they would be smooth-talking their way to show off their fancy aircraft set for launch. Maybe you would even get lucky and they would offer you a ride around deep space to see a rare galaxy merger event, said to be one of the most beautiful experiences the eyes can behold. Almost like a firework display the size of, well, galaxies. A luminous and chaotic collection of colliding stars and swirling patterns are the perfect backdrop to your Virgo guide entertaining you with their knowledge on the existing star clusters with masses ten thousand times the size of the Earth’s sun. Yeah, that’s the stuff you would probably want on your intergalactic date.  

 Since the Virgo were indeed seen as the sort of hero type among the Cryptonians, they were also the all around and the ones who were quick and cunning. First on the scene whenever there were problems to solve and always ready to offer help. They were mostly there to swoop in and save the day from the large lightning storms and great landslides, just some of the natural events that would occur from the dangerous elements. This in fact, did make the Virgo faction quite the attention-seekers. A Female Virgo would definitely flaunt her newest accessory, probably one she had discovered herself on a nearby icy planet. They really would not be able to resist showing off their newest designed tech inspiration or their new additions to their already eye-catching outfits. This created a lot of envy not just from other factions, but within their own types as well. In any case, this is what spurred them to be self-improving towards moving forward for more technology and adapting more features to be the ultimate maverick Cryptonian.  

 Makes you think that if you stuck with a Virgo Cryptonian, then you’d probably have some good looking babies in your future.

CHAPTER 5 - Centaurus Faction

The Cryptonians, as we’ve seen, were quite the thinkers. They were known across the land and across the galaxies for their active mind and their quick wit. However, one faction stood out from the rest for their display of strength. They were the Centaurus faction. The strongest among the factions, they were extraordinarily fit for the time on Earth where the earthquakes and volcanoes never slept.

They built their structures in a fashion that was fit for their almost nomadic lifestyle. They took to the Earth by brute force and raided the lands by great numbers, making sure to collect items that perhaps to the naked eye would seem absurdly normal. As with all Cryptonians, they used their eyes to hear and this particular faction used this power to sense the electromagnetic force in each item they scavenged. This is what made their structure unique. Forming it to what we see now as the Stonehenge, these were made of a conglomerate of different rocks and stone that harnessed some of the energy that the Cryptonians were so attracted to. Making their fortress one of the strongholds for the race as a whole.

With this strength, came another character you would expect to find in these types of creatures. They were the wild and rowdy bunch. They brought in the power of the black holes and ran towards the different areas of the Macrozenith with such speed that they would leave massive road trails of crumbled earth. The Centaurus were fond of playing games, one of which was outspeeding shooting stars. Other games however, involved speed in a different manner.

At the grand events the Cryptonians held, our Centaurus representatives were quite the charmers. They were the speed-daters, likened to your typical jocks, except with of course the natural horns or the glowing skin of the Cryptonian race. Intergallactic speed-dating was no different from what we know as human speed-dating. It was just all the more heightened, as with all things Cryptonian. The Centaurus were also known to be the hooligans at the party, popping bottles of neon champagne and getting their fill from the long spread of food and goodies fit for an intergalactic titan.

The Centaurus were the guys known to start heckling other factions, just for the fun of it. Jeers and taunts were always made at the other guys from the factions. And Cryptonians being Cryptonians, each faction would never succumb. In one of the parties, a large brawl broke out just from a Centaurus calling out a Virgo for being a metaphysical being only bent on quantum equations, or in human words, a nerd. The frenzy was then the main attraction of the party and ended up in having the Centaurus banned from the following event. It was a short-lived decree as what kind of fun would it be if the four factions were not present. There was just always a precaution now that the glass structures or stages would need to be reinforced with the elements of the far away planets just so they wouldn’t shatter. Because parties were the priority.

For all their aggression, the Centaurus were obviously useful to the Cryptonian collective mind as they were the known hunters and rogues during this time. They provided protection to the other factions by setting up multiple stone establishments much like their main structure that guarded against the Earth’s perils. Not to mention, they were just pretty entertaining to have around.

No doubt, you’d want the Centaurus to have your back.

CHAPTER 6 - Epic Andromedas

 Out of all the factions, there are some that will stand out still. They will have beauty like no other or they will possess great qualities coveted by others among them. These are the rare Cryptonians who belong to the factions.

 In the Andromeda there will be only a few with metallic hair. A marker of both strength and prestige. A flash of lightning can be likened to it. They say that their precious hair is not of earthly metal, but from their distant planet belonging to the Andromeda galaxy where heat sustains the bright metallic shards that circle the planet. It is a gift to be able to harness the flying metals and wear them in their hair.

 Another trait is a special necklace, meant only for the rare Andromeda. The necklace is made to enhance their already stunning traits. A pendant similar to their structure depicts a triangle that shifts with light and darkness. Much like the Pyramids they reside in. It glows when strung together and is displayed on the necks of these Cryptonians.

 Finally, a super energy eye. There rare Andromeda have created this special power to be able to see beyond the earthly elements. Their eye can detect the coming of the hours and the passing of the shooting stars. Important for watching the constellations as they predict the other-worldy events in order to say ahead of the pack.