Phase 1 (Q4 2021)


1. December 9th  – Live AMA

· We will have Live AMA on our Discord (or Twitter Space) channel that we get to know each other.

2. December 11th  – Galaxy Leader Auctions

· As discussed in our story, the characters of our story originate from 4 different galaxies scattered across the universe. Cryptonians specifically come from four galaxies: Andromeda, Centaurus, Virgo, and Medusa. Those who belong to the same galaxy, are naturally from the same faction. Each of these factions have two leaders, a male and a female. There will be a total of 8 leaders (4 male and 4 female) in our roster of Cryptonians. However, 4 of these leaders will be first auctioned off to the community while the remaining 4 will be up for grabs during the presales and public launch. The benefits of these leaders are community leadership, royalty sharing, and minting revenue sharing (5% of whole minting revenue will share only 4 leaders which will be on Auction, not all 8!).

3. December 14th – Launch

· Price of 0.35 SOL and the only rule is: First comes first serves!

4. December 15th to 20th – Factions Organization

· The heart of our community will be faction-based warfare. The team has envisioned this project to be grass roots and community driven. As such, we want to build an engaging community where each member participates in our events. During this phase we will integrate the Grape protocol with our NFTs which will give specific roles to our discord members in order to organize each faction.

5. 1st Airdrop

· When we sell out we'll start airdropping 50% of acquired NFTs from floor swapping! Other 50% will stay in our Treasury!

6. Creating a DAO

· After we sell out DAO will be created. 1st main task for the DAO members will be deciding on which games, riddles, puzzles,...we will make contest between factions, called The War.

7. January 1st – Faction Wars

· Faction wars will begin and will consist of weekly events in which the brave warriors of each faction will compete against each other. Participants of these battles will rack up points. Winners will be nicely rewarded after each event!


Phase 2 (Q1 2022)


1. 1st half of 2022 – Babies airdrop

· Each wallet that will hold at least 1 male and 1 female Cryptonian will get a Baby airdropped!

To be continued…