Faction Announcement:

Hey all Medusa! Get ready for the season end party! It’s going to be lit! Snag an invite by bringing us the rare gems of the south. 

Two friends get the message.

Themisto and Kalex: “Its on!” 

Themisto: “Heard the gems of the south are the hardest to find.”

Kalex: “Gonna be a challenge, but worth the look. Gonna take some balls to get through the tunnels before the south.” 

Themisto: “Someone’s inspired to get in.”

Kalex: “I heard other faction reps get an auto-in based on their performance last party. No way we’re missing out.” 

Themisto: “But the south tho. There’s no way we’re even getting through those tunnels if we don’t have the tech.” 

Kalex: “We’d probably need to make a trade off. Got any goods?” 

Themisto: “Yeah but no way am I trading in my hair now! Do you know how long it took me to mix in the asteroid dust and the sea star to get the perfect color.” 

Kalex: “Fine but what else? You gotta give us something to work with. How about the lava mask?” 

Themisto: “Yeah probably worth something.” 

Kalex: “Alright, we good.” 

Themisto: “Hey! No way you’re not pitching in on the trade.” 

Kalex: “Ugh fine, I’ll throw in my blast shades. Probably gonna depreciate anyway after the tide moon.” 

Themisto: “Haha, this better be worth it my friend. We’ve gotta make that cut to the party.” 

Kalex: “Don’t worry. It will be.”

To be continued...

The two friends find their way to the pitch black Pyramids. They have reached the Andromeda territory. Looking around the festive stores, Kalex quickly reaches for a pair of shiny spectacles when…

Erinome (Andromeda Female): “Hey! What do you think you’re doing!” 

Kalex: “Not doing anything Maam, I swear!” 

Themisto: “Busted, my brother.”

An Andromeda male (Synope) comes up behind the Andromeda female (Erinome)… 

Synope: “Whats happening, whats happening. I’m trying to catch the next constellation drop.” 

Erinome: “Did you not see?! This Medusa boy was trying to run off with these brand new Antoculars!” 

Kalex: “The what? And excuse me but I wasn’t trying to run off with—whatever you call these!” 

Themisto: “What are they again?”

Synope (Andromeda man) talking with a low, booming voice begins to showcase the item…

Synope: “These are the brand new Antoculars. Upgraded from the last version, just shipped them in from the 89th Satellite Moon Warehouse. Nothing beats these by far.” 

Themisto: “What does it do?” 

Erinome: “Hey hey, that is for us to know and you to find out! Hmph!”

Synope: “Why are you so interested in these anyway?”


The two Medusa friends mutter to themselves… 

Themisto: “Yo Kalex, we’ve gotta make a deal here.” 

Kalex: “What? With the old lady on my back? No way!” 

Themisto: “There’s no way we’re getting to the party without the right tech and I can smell that these new Antocunanaz or whatever they are, will be the ticket in. Or at least they’ll be worth a bigger trade later on. What you think?” 

Kalex: “Yeah, yeah I hear you. Let’s try and strike up a deal.”


Two friends turn back to the couple… 

Kalex: “So how much for these bad boys? Could we do a fair trade for what I’ve got on? These are Blast shades from the Medusa faction, some unique qualities maybe 70% uncommon.” 

Erinome: “Well I would have made a deal, if you hadn’t been so in rush to grab the Antoculars. These aren’t just silly trades. This is top of the line.” 

Synope: “Or maybe we could do one of your horn rings over from your buddy? You know, I’ve got a trader’s eye.” 

Kalex: “Yo T! You’ve gotta use those rare horns right now or we’re not gonna make it!”


Themisto is stunned and takes a moment…

Themisto and Kalex make the successful trade for the Antoculars! At least they made good use of the Rare Horn.


Synope (Andromeda male): “I see we have some spunky Cryptonians on a mission.”

Erinome (Andromeda female): “Or maybe just a few rascals looking for some trouble hmm?”

Synope: “Oh don’t be so hard on the boys. Everyone’s got their own goals. I assume you will be trading on up somehow?”

Themisto: “Yeah, well we’ve just got to get through the south tunnels. To get the gems for an invite to the season end party.”

Kalex: “Gonna be lit!”

Synope: “Ah yes. Good hunting. The constellations also reveal to us that by season’s end there will be lots to go around for all Cryptonians.”

Themisto: “So you never told us what the Antoculars do?”

Erinome: “Well, does it really matter? You made the trade didn’t you. And besides, from what I’ve heard in the lady chatter, south tunnel access requires items from each faction. But don’t take my word for it.”

Kalex: “Items from each faction?!”

Synope: “Yes. I see you might have taken on more than you can chew? Would you like to return the traded item?”

Themisto: “Oh no of course not, trade is trade! And well, we best be going now.”


The two friends turn around quickly and gather their item. They leave the area with an uneasy feeling.


Kalex: “I can’t believe how annoying she was!”

Themisto: “Yeah well don’t look back now. Time to find the next item.”

Themisto and Kalex now have placed themselves in the middle of a search hunt…


Kalex: “We still don’t know what the hell these Antocloramas do?!”

 Themisto: “Just trust me on those. I can feel that they’ve got something special in store.”

 Kalex: “Oh hey! I know some people. Good with these sorts of things. Figuring out functions and all that.”

 Themisto: “Alright lets go see them then.”


They make their way to another neighbor town. And find a shop with a bunch of different machine parts and mechanisms at the window.


Kalex: “Knock, knock! Buddy K is in town!”

 Prax (Virgo male): “Sup, man! Haven’t seen you since last century’s season end!”

 Elara (Virgofemale): “Is that our favorite M-boy!”

 Kalex: “I’ve brought along my guy Themisto over here.”

 Themisto: “Hey guys! Cool shop you have. Lots of spare parts, I see.”

 Elara: “Oh but don’t be fooled my friend. Around here, spares are as good as any.”

 Prax: “Anything can be made out of anything. You guys look like you need a break. Let us show you around!”


The couple tour the two friends around their shop and as they ventured further, they found themselves in a special room with a spacecraft at the center.


Kalex: “She’s a beauty.”

 Elara: “She’s nearly done. Just so hard to find certain parts to weld together to sustain the force of impact when transferring galaxies.”

 Prax: “We’re currently working on the last 3 sections for the ride.”

 Themisto: “What are you guys missing?”

 Prax: “We’ve got almost everything set-up here but we’re just waiting for Lightpool’s tool shop to give us a go signal on when their welding apparatus is free to use.”

 Kalex: “We could go check it out you guys and come back.”

 Themisto: “Yeah no big deal. Just point us towards it.”

 Elara: “Oh that would be awesome! In that case, take this necklace, it’ll be the deposit for the tool. Lightpool doesn’t just let you take out their machines so we’ve gotta give them something to hold.”

 Prax: “That’s a rarity necklace too. Virgo faction, not so common. Lightpool will know we sent you when they see it.”

 Themisto: “Gotcha gotcha. We’ll take care of it.”

 Kalex: “Good old K has got you guys!”

Themisto and Kalex make their way to Lightpool tools and are able to leave the rarity necklace in turn for the apparatus. They are walking back to their friend’s shop when…


Themisto: “Hey…You know I had an idea.”

 Kalex: “I think…I know what you’re idea is.”

 Themisto: “We’ve got it! We’ve got another item dude. Why don’t we just...you know...take it on an extended loan with us?”

 Kalex: “Look I don’t know T. These are my peeps. Not so sure if that’s a good idea.”

 Themisto: “We don’t have much else to trade now you know.”

 Kalex: “Ugh! You know this is taking so much out of us! This season party better be the best!”

 Themisto: “So what I’m thinking is that we go ahead and pawn something else on hand—AND THEN we take the necklace with us! I’m sure they’ll be using that tool for a while.”


Kalex takes a moment to think…