Audio NFTs

We’re releasing our story in audio (mp3) version.
First audio collection will be called The Saga Begins.
There will be 5 chapters, each 222 times.
Audio NFT Mint

Mint Info

Mint date: 11th Feb 2022 , Friday at 7 pm CET
Mint price: 0.088 sol per NFT
Supply: 1110 NFTs (5 chapters, each chapter 222 times)


10 Audio NFTs will have bounty of 0.25 SOL! If you’ll mint one of those, you’ll receive 0.25 sol in your wallet after you will claim it. We’ll publish here artworks that have bounty.
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There are 44 Audio NFTs where you can claim Free Cryptonian Baby (our upcoming drop) for each if you mint it.
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Special Audio NFTs

There will be 44 Audio NFTs that will reward you with a Cryptonian Baby AIRDROP. If you'll mint it, you'll have to claim it on our Discord!


With each audio NFT you will also receive artwork in dimensions of Twitter banner. There will be 1110 different artworks.

Each chapter (5) will have its own background. Like that you’ll know immediately which chapter you have. On each artwork there will be 4 Cryptonians on.
The Saga Begins (Chapters 1-5)

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Medusa Faction
Chapter 3 - Andromeda Faction
Chapter 4 - Virgo Faction
Chapter 5 - Centaurus Faction
Each artwork of Chapter 1 will have 1 cryptonian of each faction. Chapter 2 will have 4 Medusa Cryptonians, Chapter 3 will have 4 Andromeda Cryptonians, Chapter 4 will have 4 Virgo Cryptonians and Chapter 5 will have 5 Centaurus Cryptonians.
Ranks will be calculated with geometric mean of Cryptonian ranks (Moonrank) on the artwork.
Ranks of Audio NFTs will be written as a trait: RANK
Audio NFT Mint