AUCTION - 11th of December

Do you hear the distant rumble? A swell of clouds and stars has been forming in the distance!

The hour is near, on the 6th of November, the first 4 out of the 8 leaders must come forward. Each one of them shall lead their Galaxy together with their spouse. 

They must be the best and brightest. They will harness both the power of the dawn and the dusk for in 3 days, they will be joined by the rest of the other 2218 Cryptonians under their factions. 

The Cryptonians used to live in harmony, but now each faction wants to claim Earth as their own. There is only one way to find out the winner. It is the beginning of the war, the Great Vanquishing. On the 1st of January 2022 the battles will begin.

Do you dare take on the challenge? Will you champion Andromeda, Virgo, Medusa or Centaurus?

Now is your time. The epic auction for the adoption of the 4 leaders from 8 will be on December 11, 2021. The other 4 leaders will come randomly during minting in our launch sale.

What are the benefits of owning these 4 leaders?

First of all, they are naturally among the best and rarest Cryptonians! Aside from their gorgeous looks the owners will also a share the 5% of whole minting revenue (5% across 4 leaders got on auction).

Oh, I almost forgot. Leaders will have rank between 1-8 from 2222. That means they will be the rarest so everybody will want to have a Leader!

Mark your calendars, because the auction will last only 8 hours.

See you on Discord and Twitter!