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We distribute up to 5.000 $ZION/week for Active Staking BONUSES!


Alphas will yield you daily $ZION:

REGULAR Alphas - 7 $ZION/day
CROWN Alphas - 10 $ZION/day
FACELESS Alphas - ? $ZION/day
Public price: 0.79 sol
Alphas will have the greatest $ZION yield comparing to prices you can get them!
You’ll be able to get yourself WL MINT Tokens for Alpha Cryptonians from this Sunday on, 8th of May 2022.
There is MAX supply of only 600.
50 of Them are Crown Alphas and 10 will be Faceless Alphas
To reward our Cryptonian, Babies and The Saga Begins holders, you’ll all be able to get DISCOUNTED WL Prices! Depending on how many you hold, here are your WL mint token prices:

@Cryptonian God (150+) - 0.10 sol (max 5 tokens)
@Cryptonian Emperor (110+) - 0.15 sol (max 5 tokens)
@Devoted Cryptonian (75+) - 0.20 sol (max 5 tokens)
@Zealous Cryptonian (50+) - 0.25 sol (max 5 tokens)
@Allegiant Cryptonian (20+) - 0.30 sol (max 5 tokens)
@Cryptonian - 0.50 sol (max 5 tokens)

After you decide how many WL mint tokens you would like to get, please DM me with:

1️⃣ Your Discord Role:
2️⃣ Number of mint tokens you want to get:

EXAMPLE of how many discounted WL tokens you can get:

If you are Cryptonian God than you can get maximum of 30 WL mint tokens for 7.50 sol. If we say that you’ll only mint Regular Alphas, that will make you 210 $ZION/day!

Audio Story - "Epic Intro"

A neutron star collision erupts and, out of the dust of the ancients, the majestic creatures arise.
The Cryptonians arrived on Earth at the time of the supercontinent Macrozenith, or what we humans would have called Pangaea. They arrived as one collective mind and decided to explore this foreign land. They combed the earth and seas and soon found that there was an abundance of wildlife, terrain and sustenance. For these Cryptonians did not only seek out food as we do. These creatures thrived on cosmic energy and navigated through the nebula for their brain-food.
Unique traits like sound effects, character and background animations.

Cryptonian babies NFT

DATE: 11th Feb Friday at 7 pm CET
Mint price: 0.088 sol per NFT
Supply: 1110 NFTs (5 chapters, each chapter 222 times)
SOLD OUT ON 24.2.2022
Buy Audio NFT

Upcoming events:

We are fully doxxed and verified with
Proof of Pizza validator

Community focused
NFT project

Cryptonians World is a collection of 2222 unique Funky & Pop-Artish NFTs encoded on Solana blockchain.
Each Cryptonian is your ticket to our weekly events (poker, chess, trivia, riddles...). Each event will have nice prize pools!

Our roadmap

After Babies will be launched, we’ll make Monthly exclusive events for Baby holders - Rewards here will be even bigger!

After Ghosts will be launched we’ll make Monthly exclusive events for Ghost holders- Rewards here will be even bigger!

...and so on (you get it where this is going).
Q4 2021

1. December 9th - Live AMA

We'll have Live AMA on pour Twitter Spaces.

2. December 14th – Launch

Price of 0.15 SOL and the only rule is: First comes first serves!

3. December 15th

Beginning of our weekly events!

We have 5 events every week: 2 x Poker, 2 x Chess and 1 x

4. January 1st Daily Airdrop Start

We'll Airdrop 1 NFT from different SOL project to 1 Lucky Cryptonian holder every day for the whole month!

5. "Staking" with Fun!

After we sell out there will be "Staking" with Fun available for our holders. Like that you'll be able to get some extra passive income.


February - 1st Cryptonian Surprise

The Saga Begins. Collection of 1110 Audio NFTs with utility!

SOLD OUT ON 24.2.2022

1st half of 2022 – Babies airdrop

Each wallet that will hold at least 1 male and 1 female Cryptonian will get a Baby airdropped -BREEDING will begin!

ETA: February/March 2022
check discord for sneak peek

2nd half of 2022 – Ghosts airdrop

Each wallet that will hold at least 1 male, 1 female Cryptonian and a Baby will get Cryptonian Ghost airdropped!

ETA: July/August 2022

End of 2022 – Vehicle airdrop

Each wallet that will hold at least 1 Couple, 1 Baby and 1 Ghost will get Cryptonian Vehicle airdropped!

ETA: December 2022

May 2023 – House airdrop

Each wallet that will hold at least 1 Couple, 1 Baby, 1 Ghost and 1 Vehicle will get Cryptonian House airdropped!

ETA: May 2023
To be continued…

Ranking system

Latest from twitter

Good morning #Cryptonians! ☕

If you want to lead a reasonably happy life and have a fulfilling career, the secret is simple: be honest with yourself.

Have a wonderful day!

❓ What’s the most interesting NFT in your wallet? ❓

#SolanaNFTs #pokerschool #Passiveincome


Cryptonians World is combining more NFT collections under one roof on Solana blockchain!
Cryptonians (Basic collection of 2222 NFTs),
The Saga Begins (ETA: February 2022 - First 5 chapters of the story in mp3 version with utility - 1110 NFTs),
Cryptonian Babies (ETA: February/March 2022 - 1111 NFTs),
Cryptonian Ghosts (ETA: August/September 2022 - 1111 NFTs),
Cryptonian Vehicles (ETA: December 2022 - 1111 NFTs),
Cryptonian Houses (ETA: May 2023 - 1111 NFTs).

0.15 SOL

Yes. There is 863 Males and 1359 Females (Males are very rare).

How do you differ them?
There are 2 males hair styles and 3 female hairstyles (please check on our discord under #gender).

Yes! For each couple in your wallet you will get Cryptonian Baby airdropped! 1 couple = 1 Baby, more couples = more Babies.

Poker, chess and trivia.

Each Cryptonian is your ticket to our Regular Events.

Cryptonians love to have fun. That’s why we organize events every day where you can get rewarded with SOL or NFTs from different Solanan NFT projects.


Every week we are also hosting at least 1 Special or Surprise event. To join those you need to meet special requirements that are posted each time under Special/Surprise event announcement.

Moons can be earned by being active in the community, participating in events, and are part of the prize pools as well.


100 Moons = 1 NFT
500 Moons = 1 SOL

We will add even more utility in future. Like you’ll be able to join Special Events and pay with Moons, or you’ll be able to auction with Moons and much more.

Yes! Baby will be your entrance to our events with bigger rewards! You only need to have a Baby in your wallet and that’s it.
ALSO - for each Family (male+female+baby) you will get airdropped a Cryptonian GHOST.

You heard right. Cryptonians don’t have regular pets like cats and dogs, but they have Ghosts. With holding a Ghost in your wallet you’ll be able to participate on events with even bigger rewards!

You bet it is!
The Saga Begins is the title of 1st audio NFT collection. There will be 1110 NFTs in form of mp3. 5 chapters, each one 222 times. Artwork will be in the size of a Twitter banner. Each artwork will have there own rank. Holding chapters will also get you entrance to exclusive events!

We have 4 collections coming that will be under Cryptonians World. Also we are still writing and developing our story and also Dialogues between Cryptonians. Each chapter will be made also in Audio NFT (mp3).
Also our events will just get bigger with bigger prize pools. We’ll keep having fun every single day!

You need to get verified as an owner of Cryptonian NFT. You can buy one on secondary market Solsea.io and Magiceden.io .

To get verified you need to join discord channel and proceed with verification here: #verify

  1. Please download ClubGG Poker (mobile app)
  2. Use SAME nickname like you have on Discord (or similar if taken)
  3. Join club ID: 436585 (Cryptonians World)
  4. Than we’ll send you chips
  5. Now you can register!
  6. Good luck!
  1. Create yourself an account on https://www.chess.com/
  2. Use SAME nickname like you have on Discord (or similar if taken)
  3. Join club: Cryptonians Chess Club ( https://www.chess.com/club/cryptonians-chess-club/join/e91da3 )
  4. Then join the tournament
  5. On chess tournaments you can always register only 1h before the start (there is NO late registrations)
  6. Good luck!
  1. You need to be verified holder of at least 1 Cryptonian
  2. Than just show up on our Discord in channel #trivia-contest
  3. Good luck!